Welcome to the home of DOFF kaleidoscopes where we create exquisite odes to symmetry.

Inspired by Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster who invented the kaleidoscope in 1817, Doff Kaleidoscopes manufacture poetry for the eyes.

A gift that can create many different emotions.
The kaleidoscope can build a bridge between cultures, ages, businesses or simply friendships. This brass observer of beauty and vibrant images will forever honour the connection you have with the people you choose to celebrate with.

Those who look trough a kaleidoscope are reminded of their connection to nature and called back to the beauty of the present moment. There is an unspeakable emotion in a symmetry.


Like watching the waves of the sea or looking into the flames of fire it creates symphonies and harmony in the mind.

Like the touch of a hand symmetry calls to our hearts in a place beyond thought, beyond words.

Symmetry speaks to that part of us where beauty is conceived a place without time or age.

An ode to symmetry – the kaleidoscope image

Doff Kaleidoscope products are an ode to symmetry. When crafting our kaleidoscopes, the interior image always comes first. As the word “Kaleidoscope” literally means “observer of beautiful forms” exactly that essence is of utmost importance to us.

Doff Kaleidoscopes are designed through the “form follows function” principle. We are fixated on the pursuit of the ultimate mesmerizing viewer experience. Doff kaleidoscopes create an emblematic mandala view and are considered by collectors and connoisseurs to be among the best in their class.

The inspirations for the vibrant radially symmetric patterns we find in nature and culture. The inspiration for the interior design of the ever-changing images produced are drawn from the rose windows of Europe’s great cathedrals, Arabic pottery and eastern mandalas but also from fractal patterns and the intimate minutiae of flowers. For the exterior design we find inspiration in classic nautic instruments the classical Swiss and Russian mechanical toy and watch makers but also in contemporary minimalist designers.

The invention of the kaleidoscope started out as a conversation piece in the parlor rooms of Victorian England. Doff Kaleidoscopes seek to bring back shards of the magical stardust from this era. Doff kaleidoscopes question the cultural premises that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and seek to root us back in the awareness of the physiological aspects of the beauty in symmetry.

Every kaleidoscope is an art object of its own and a unique and exquisite ode to symmetry.

An invitation to dream moments – the exterior

Doff is a high-end kaleidoscope manufacturer. Our work takes an object that is a endearing memory of bygone childhood play and transforms it into a modern day romantic instrument of awe and wonder.